Istikhara Method

What do you mean by Istikhara?

Istikhara is a very powerful Muslim practice that is practiced to take blessings and consent of Almighty Allah. When any muslim wishes to do any important task in his or he wishes to learn that whether that task will be beneficial for him or not then he practice Istikhara method. When he do this method then Almighty Allah informs that person either giving some clue in dream or by any making circumstances favourable. This method is used from the older times and its efficiency has been already proven by the time. At present also istikhara method is practiced for avoiding different types unwanted situations from life. You can know about any incident going to happen in your future life. There are many advantages of this method and this method delivers its outcomes very fast.

What is Istikhara method for marriage?
Istikhara method for marriage is the a very authentic way to learn anything about your marriage. Like when a person is near the age of marriage he or she is very curious to know about would be partner. Here are some of the queries that can be answered by using Istikhara method:

-What kind of Partner i will get?
-Whether i will be married in India or abroad?
-Will i have a happy and successful married life?
-How many children we would have after marriage?
-Will my partner love me?

All such types of questions can be answered by performing Istikhara for marriage. By doing this method you will be able to make best decision for your life. This method can help you in marrying the best compatible person. If you want to get any knowledge about this method then you can contact us.

What is the method to do Istikhara for business?

Istikhara for business is done to know that which business will be better for you. When a person want to start a new business by investing huge amounts of money  then he always has fear in his heart that will he be successful in his business. To avoid loss in business and to learn that which type of business will be beneficial for you then Istikhara of the business is the best method. This method is practiced by reciting special phrases and verses which are derived form the Holy Quran. Some special rituals are also practiced along with them. 


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